Cuccio Colour Salon Starter Deal

Use these Cuccio Colour In Salon Displays as wall racks to showcase the Cuccio Colour range for your customers to select prior to services. Purchase Two In Salon Displays Each display holds 36 color shades (1 per colour, per display)when the display is merchandised side by side - it showcases the full range of 72 colors - (72 total pieces) Also included- 1 set of Tip spoons (All 72 shades) (6213 & 6217- Spoons) and 5 Brochures (Item #6214) Displays will be filled with 1 of each shade (6000-6072) Item #6228-BBSI13 Each display measures 16.2" W x 21.6" H x 2.5" D