Forté Plus Cuticle Nutrient Pen

Forté Plus Cuticle Nutrient Pen is enriched with a rich blend of Shea Butter, Vitamin A, C & B-12, and Nonychosine-E. This advanced formula is scientifically proven to help grow stronger, healthier, natural nails. Vital vitamins and nutrients are delivered through the cuticle to the nail matrix. It is important to keep the cuticle hydrated and sealed to reduce the chance for infection or irritation to the skin around the nails. The slim applicator tube can be easily taken along in a small purse or makeup bag for quick and easy touch up treatments to hydrate dry or cracked cuticles on fingers or toes and promote healthy, natural nail growth.

Apply 1-2 times per day and massage into the cuticle area. After applying Forté Pen to each cuticle, retract the stick and use the tip of the tube to push back cuticles.

Guaranteed to grow healthy, natural nails!