Forté Plus Strengthening System

Forté Plus 2 Step Natural Nail Strengthening System is guaranteed to grow stronger, longer, healthier natural nails in 2-3 weeks!

Step 1: Use Forté Plus Nail Strengthener 1-2 times per week, alone or over polish for longer, stronger nails.

Step 2: Apply Forté Plus Cuticle Nutrient Pen 1-2 times per day and massage into cuticle area.


Botanical Horsetail Grass contains natural silica, which helps make natural nails more pliable and flexible, preventing cracks and breaks.

Nonychosine-E, Vitamins A, C and B12. Advanced formula scientifically proven to help grow stronger, longer healthier natural nails. Vital nutrients are delivered through the cuticle to the nail matrix.